How to upload firmware to the MK312-BT using an arduino

Here are the CMD commands I use in the video so you can copy & paste them. Don’t forget to check the com port and firmware file name!

Test Connection
avrdude -c avrisp -P \\.\com24 -b 19200 -p m16 -t
Set Fuses
avrdude -v -c avrisp -P \\.\com24 -b 19200 -p m16 -U lfuse:w:0xff:m -U hfuse:w:0xDC:m
Upload Firmware
avrdude -v -c avrisp -P \\.\com24 -b 19200 -p m16 -U "flash:w:312-16-Dev_BL.bin"

Channel Chopper Schematics, PCB’s and Arduino Code

Have finally got around to uploading all the information on the Channel Chopper. It’s currently a Patreon exclusive and can be found here

I will be releasing it to everyone at some point so don’t worry if you don’t want to support us

Deviant Designs Playtime

Had a lovely weekend away in London and decided to film some of our playtime while there 🙂

as this is more of a snippet into our private playtime this clips are for sale instead of free. But as always the proceeds all go to making more Deviant Designs content that is free

The warm up

The Spankening

Caged and Shocked

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Sneak peak – Gaining full control of a Doxy magic wand

Managed to add some gubbins inside my doxy so I can now choose whether i want it to work using the original electronics or control it myself externally. Now need to build a control box

This has the potential to make livestreams a lot more fun 🙂

Arduino Controlled Shock Collar

Links to the bits I used

Shock Collar

If you need help or want to show off what you use this code for then pop over to my discord by clicking HERE

Originally developed by Smouldery and Mikey who very kindly allowed us the use of their code. 

Link to Smoulderys original code:

adapted by Deviant Designs

byte buttonPin = 9;

//=================================================== START OF COLLAR SETUP CODE ======================================================================

//const int shock_min = 0; // Minimum of power a command will be executed at
const int shock_delay = 10; // Maximum rate at which the shock function can be used at
//const int cmd_max = 1000; // Maximum of milliseconds which a command can be executed at

// Constant variables
const int pin_led = LED_BUILTIN; // Pin for indication LED
const int pin_rtx =  14; // Pin to transmit over
const String key = "00101100101001010"; // Key of the transmitter, dont touch if you dont know how it works

// Variables which do change
int collar_chan = 0; // Can be channel 0 or 1
int collar_duration = 500; // Duration of the command in milliseconds
int collar_power = 10; // Strength of the command, can be 0-100, but will be limited by shock_min and shock_max

// Define values for easier recognition
#define COLLAR_LED 1
#define COLLAR_BEEP 2
#define COLLAR_VIB 3
#define COLLAR_ZAP 4

// Strings used for building up the command sequence
String sequence, power, channelnorm, channelinv, modenorm, modeinv;

// Store the last time anything was transmitted to the collar
unsigned long transmit_last = 0;
unsigned long shock_last = 0;
void transmit_command(int c, int m, int p = 0)
  transmit_last = millis();
  switch (c) // Check the channel
    case 1: // Channel 1
      channelnorm = "111";
      channelinv = "000";
    default: // Channel 0
      channelnorm = "000";
      channelinv = "111";

  switch (m) // Check the mode
    case 1: // Light
      modenorm = "1000";
      modeinv = "1110";
    case 2: // Beep
      modenorm = "0100";
      modeinv = "1101";
    case 4: // Shock
      modenorm = "0001";
      modeinv = "0111";
      shock_last = millis();
    default: // Vibrate
      modenorm = "0010";
      modeinv = "1011";
//      p = 10; // Set strengh to 10 for the command to be executed properly

  // Convert power to binary
  int zeros = String(p, BIN).length();

  String power;
  for (int i = 0; i < 7 - zeros; i++)
    power = power + "0";
  power = power + String(p, BIN);

  String sequence = "1" + channelnorm + modenorm + key + power + modeinv + channelinv + "00";

  digitalWrite(pin_led, LOW);
//  d = constrain(d, 50, cmd_max); // Clamp duration of the command
  unsigned long cmd_start = millis();
//  while (millis() - cmd_start < d)
//  {
    // start bit
    digitalWrite(pin_rtx, HIGH);
    delayMicroseconds(1500); // wait 1500 uS
    digitalWrite(pin_rtx, LOW);
    delayMicroseconds(741);// wait 741 uS

    for (int n = 0; n < 41 ; n++)
      if (sequence.charAt(n) == '1') // Transmit a one
        digitalWrite(pin_rtx, HIGH);
        digitalWrite(pin_rtx, LOW);
      else // Transmit a zero
        digitalWrite(pin_rtx, HIGH);
        digitalWrite(pin_rtx, LOW);
//  }
  digitalWrite(pin_led, HIGH);

void collar_keepalive()
  if (millis() - transmit_last >= 120000) // Send command to the collar at least every 2 minutes to make it stay on
    transmit_command(collar_chan, COLLAR_LED, 50);

//=================================================== END OF COLLAR SETUP CODE ======================================================================

void setup()
//=================================================== START OF COLLAR SETUP CODE ======================================================================
  pinMode(pin_rtx, OUTPUT); // Set transmitter pin as output
  pinMode(pin_led, OUTPUT); // Set LED pin as output
  //=================================================== END OF COLLAR SETUP CODE ======================================================================
  pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT_PULLUP);

void loop()
	if (digitalRead(buttonPin) == LOW) {
    transmit_command(collar_chan, COLLAR_VIB, 100);