Misstress Alexa – Part 4 – Final Overview

Mistress Alexa – Part 3 – Alexa goes rogue

Mistress Alexa – Part 2

Mistress Alexa – Part 1

Glow Boob Clamps

I wanted to come up with something that would make K stand out at fetish events….I think I succeeded


This is a pair of breast clamps that lock onto her boobs. They contain some extremely bright LED’s making her breast’s essentially glow in the dark 😀


That Waddle

Even better than watching Miss K getting shocked by the cunt clamps is watching her try to walk about in them 😀


The Nose Coin thing – Stuck to a lamp post

This is my take on the coin nose thing. If you don’t know about it, the idea is you make a sub hold a coin against a wall with her nose. If she loses concentration and drops the coin then she gets punished. I decided to automate the process.


The Shocking Maze Game

By far one of my most favourite toys for the novelty factor! such a simple idea yet makes K have to focus as much as she possibly can! No rest for the wicked eh?


A quick overview of the shocking cunt clamps

Originally I was going to try and make some kind of leather harness to use with the shock collar…then I realised I’m useless with leather so came up with the cunt clamp idea. Hoping one day to meet someone talented at the leather stuff so I can maybe learn a few things though 🙂


The Flailer – Boob Test

Well let’s have a go on the boobs because why not 😛