The Smiler



Facial detection + shocking predicament = funtimes



and a bonus after the smiles video


The FIRE button

Nipple Cuffs

Not much I can say about these guys, best to just watch 🙂




If you want to download a set for yourself then you can Here


Fan cuffs – A fun little revenge toy!

Well this little toy all started thanks to this little tweet…



I just couldn’t help myself 🙂


A quick prototype of a BDSM stress position toy

This is probably my most unfinished toy but I had to share as it was so much fun.


Chunky Chain Collar – Completed

The chain collar has been completed. I originally spoke about my design for this here. The chain was an absolute bugger to drill through. with lots of coolant I finally managed to get her drilled, Then I struggled again to do the counterbores so that the bolt heads were hidden. I tried with a step drill but it broke within seconds. in the end I did the counterbore manually with a pencil grinder and a carbide bit. It worked a treat!

I love how in real life it looks seamless. It has completely captured the sense of permanence and Miss K appears to love it too!

The Kneeling Cage

Wow it feel’s like ages since I have had a change to do some kinky creation. Work is kicking my arse during the busy season. However hopefully within the next month all should calm down. In the mean time I have squeezed in some CAD learning. I’ve managed to create a fully paremetric kneeling cage model. If you don’t use computer aided design, then parametric basically means that if I change some sizes in my 3d model, everything else will update to fit. A really clever concept when your designing something but aren’t sure what the finished measurements are going to be.


This project is seriously testing my self control! Desperate to get myself a cheap welder and have a go. But probably best to hold off for now until I have a little more space to store these projects

Chunky Chain Collar

There’s something I love about an illusion of permanence when it comes to kink, admittedly it doesn’t have to be an illusion but out of the realms of fantasy real life permanence doesn’t tend to work. So with this is mind I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a collar that has no easily identifiable locking mechanism. what I really want is something for a leather collar but I haven’t been able to find anything suitable so the search continues. But in the mean time I wanted to share this very simple mechanism for a heavyweight industrial chain collar



So the idea is you cut the chain so you end up with two halfs. Make sure the size is correct so when you hold them together they give the appearance of 1 solid link. then on one half drill to a set depth and tap the 2 legs to receive a grub screw.



On the other side you need to drill and tap so that a grub screw will fit all the way down. make sure this hole goes all the way through the chain.



And thats it! you’re done. you can now screw the grub screws into the chain and it will create a nearly seamless link. And that seamless link with no visible locking mechanism looks absolutely stunning!! When I get around to creating one I think I’d like to try distressing the chain, giving it a very weathered and rusty look. you can then seal the finish and have a very grungy looking chain.

Cunt Clamp Dildo Design

This is definitely something on the ever growing todo list 🙂


Insertable dildo that locks in place by clamping down onto the labia. Still need to massively improve this though, would be great to have a way of locking the clamps shut but not entirely sure how to do that yet. possibly could be done by putting a hole through a bolt


Then you screw the bolt into the center support to the clamping depth required

then slide the clamping bar over

and once the holes line up you can put padlocks through, the padlocks will stop both the clamping bar coming off and the bolt from being unscrewed. Definitely something to explore. But as always if anyone has any better suggestions I’d love to hear them

Mirror Head Box/Cage

Something I would love to create is a headbox using one/way mirrors. These are the mirrors you see in police stations where one side appears perfectly clear and the other side is mirrored. normally the mirrored side has to be brighter than the clear side so I reckon a run of LEDS in the top of the box would light the poor subby up very nicely. I’d like to try and hide the LED’s behind some frosted acrylic to give a nice even glow

I decided to do a quick test run so I ordered some acrylic and some privacy film from amazon. The film itself was extremely thin and unfortunately the acrylic was very easy to scratch. I also had issues applying the film to the acrylic. I tried and tried to float it on, but I could not get rid of all of the air bubbles. However, for my test, it worked fine. I quickly mounted the acrylic in a cardboard box to see how she worked

From the outside, it was very clear looking in. This is just the effect I’m after. The lighted box really highlights the subby’s face inside, time to have a look from the inside…

Nothing but a beautiful reflection!! perfect! well, not quite perfect…unfortunately you can still barely see through the glass. However, I reckon if I can find someone to do me a proper toughened one-way mirror then this will be fixed. I just need to source some at a reasonable price. If you have any advice on this project please feel free to get in touch.

So far I’m really excited about this project. I keep picturing what it would be like to be stuck in the box, Only able to see your own reflection and knowing that’s what everyone else can see too! I think it would be fantastic to scale this up to a full display cabinet size too!