The most exclusive butt plug in all the land!

Dec 17, 2016

So I’m pretty lucky where I work. I have access to a lot of carbon fibre. It’s been itching my brain to try and make myself some more custom toys out of the stuff while I can.

So with that in mind I decided on making a custom fibre butt plug. So I started with a rectangular off cut. I then drilled a 10mm hole into it and in that hole I bonded some 10mm Stainless Steel bar


How the little bugger started life

The steel bar then enabled me to put the block in the chuck of the pillar drill. This made short work of grinding it to shape. The shape itself was just done by eye.

Refining the shape

As you can see in the picture above the pillar drill trick enabled me to grind it extremely quickly to shape. The hard part was keeping an eye on the door in work so no one saw what I was making. That would have brought up some awkward questions 😛

After the first polish

The pillar drill also made light work of polishing. All I had to do was put the polishing compound on a rag and rub the plug whilst it span in the pillar drill.

The finished product

Finally all I had to do was grind the bottom off and polish that up. All in all this probably took around 2 hours to make but most of that time was spent tweaking it and trying to get it perfect.

The finished product

She came out better than I had anticipated and the pictures just don’t do her justice! however I kinda got the size a bit screwy and she’s a lot bigger than she originally looked when grinding her to shape. So I reckon I’ll have to get back grinding to make her a little sister when the opportunity presents itself 🙂