Mirror Head Box/Cage

Jan 22, 2017

Something I would love to create is a headbox using one/way mirrors. These are the mirrors you see in police stations where one side appears perfectly clear and the other side is mirrored. normally the mirrored side has to be brighter than the clear side so I reckon a run of LEDS in the top of the box would light the poor subby up very nicely. I’d like to try and hide the LED’s behind some frosted acrylic to give a nice even glow

I decided to do a quick test run so I ordered some acrylic and some privacy film from amazon. The film itself was extremely thin and unfortunately the acrylic was very easy to scratch. I also had issues applying the film to the acrylic. I tried and tried to float it on, but I could not get rid of all of the air bubbles. However, for my test, it worked fine. I quickly mounted the acrylic in a cardboard box to see how she worked

From the outside, it was very clear looking in. This is just the effect I’m after. The lighted box really highlights the subby’sĀ face inside, time to have a look from the inside…

Nothing but a beautiful reflection!! perfect! well, not quite perfect…unfortunately you can still barely see through the glass. However, I reckon if I can find someone to do me a proper toughened one-way mirror then this will be fixed. I just need to source some at a reasonable price. If you have any advice on this project please feel free to get in touch.

So far I’m really excited about this project. I keep picturing what it would be like to be stuck in the box, Only able to see your own reflection and knowing that’s what everyone else can see too! I think it would be fantastic to scale this up to a full display cabinetĀ size too!