Adam Winrich’s Cheap Bullwhip

May 22, 2017

Miss K stumbled across Adam Winrich’s How to make a bullwhip video and she decided to have a go. she really enjoyed making hers and it worked really well so she brought some more supplies and we had a date night making a bullwhip each. A hell of a date if you ask me.

If you don’t know Adam Winrich, he is a world famous whipcracker, He makes it look absolutely effortless! I recommend you check out his video

Making the whips was super simple when following his instructions and amazingly fun making them together. All in all it took us about one and a half hours.

The whips look amazing for what they are! up close they look a little “ropey” but take a few steps back and they are beautiful! and they crack fantastically! But of course Miss K had to put me to shame by instantly being amazing with hers…

Me on the other hand…all I managed was a couple of cracks and a hell of a lot of welts on my back 😛 More practice required!!!