Locking day collar

Jun 30, 2018

For ages now I’ve been searching for a necklace for K. I knew she wanted some jewellery from me and I knew I really wanted it to mean something. But I just couldn’t find the right kind of thing.

There are some really impressive day collars out there. And the eternity collars look AMAZING! I will be picking one of those up one day. But there wasn’t anything that was discreet enough. I really wanted it to look like a sweet boyfriend necklace to vanilla people.

So I started playing around with ideas and this is what I came up with



the heart is split in half and the ends of the chain get locked inside. It’s held together by a security screw that goes in from the back. this way the length of the chain is easily adjustable. Just open the collar and snip a bit off of one end. This was cast in silver so it has a nice shiny look to it. It probably came out a little big on this first attempt but K thinks it’s awesome and enjoys fiddling with it. The design can be made a little smaller though.


I’m probably going to shorten the chain a little so the heart sit’s higher up. But I want to make sure it’s still a nice relaxed fit. As it stands it’s still tight enough that she can’t slip it off over her head which is what I wanted.



I may end up offering these for sale for around £200 if there’s any interest. if you want one please email me at notjoe@deviant-designs.co.uk