3D printed DoubleCuffs

Apr 9, 2020

This has been a project on the backburner for a while now. But I have finally finished the DoubleCuffs. I desperately wanted a device to hold both of K’s wrists at the same time. I knew I also wanted to make it mountable to other devices. This is what I came up with

We also filmed a 10 minute premium video of K ignored whilst hogtied on the bed. there is a sneak peak below or you can buy the video HERE
The odd premium video helps support the costs of Deviant Designs plus you guys get an added bonus video to watch

I have uploaded the DoubleCuff files to thingiverse HERE
The .F3D file is also included which contains parameters to change the wrist size (highly recommended as K is very slim)

I’d also recommend only printing a few layers and then cancelling the print so you can double check the size is correct before wasting a lot of filament

If you do print your own I’d love to see pictures of them