Gas Mask Creations

Apr 9, 2020

I’ve been on a bit of a gas mask binge with my 3D printer recently. It started because I made some eye covers for my S10 mask. Lots of people have made/uploaded them before so I never really saw a point in publishing my design for these, however it did start getting my brain ticking

K had previously asked me if I could adapt a gas canister so that it could unscrew for her to put smelly things in, that seemed like a little too much work for me, however it would be relatively easy to print one. As an added bonus it would force me to try 3D printing screw threads for the first time!

I decided to start simple. The type of thread used on my gas mask is ‘Nato 40’ and after some quick googling I managed to find the datasheet for the thread

Recreating the thread in fusion took me longer that I am proud to admit. It was a combination of creating a thread to give me a path and then using coils to cut the shape. I was tempted to make a video on the thread creation but to be honest I’m no expert and you’d be better off googling some custom thread in fusion 360 videos to find out how to do it properly instead of copying my ‘trial and error approach’. But now I have the thread I have a simple backbone to build accessories from

I figured I’d go simple with the first design just to make sure the threads actually fit! I remembered a design for a ‘breath restrictor for training exercises’ that I found online. It was basically a small hole that slows the airflow into the mask

IT WORKED PERFECTLY! as you’ll see in the video below it’s nice and easy to plug the hole and completely close off the submissives air supply. It also perfectly fits a cigarette if you want to be really mean

Now it was on to making the sniffer box that K asked me for a little while ago. The design is really simple and has a split in the middle to allow it to separate to put whatever objects you want inside

During the design of the sniffer box an idea struck me. I thought it would be really cool to force K to smell her own sex. The smell can be intoxicating and to be forced to smell it really appealed to me. So I started designing the sniffer cunt clamps. The idea was simple. I was going to use the design for the shock collar cunt clamps as a base to attach a hose to. I did make a design change and instead of embedding nuts I wanted to try and melt in some threaded inserts. This worked AMAZING! and really gave the part a bit more of a professional look

This is where I my brain started coming up with ideas without fully thinking them through. I thought it would be an awesome idea to attached a fan to the end of the gas mask hose that would force the wearer to smell whatever the fan was pointed at. The part i didn’t think about was the valves on the gas mask! with seperate inlets and outlets it means the user is forced to smell from the end of the hose anyway…DOH!

However there are some masks with simple in/out ports that this would work with, and it did make it a lot easier to breath as there was positive pressure created by the fan so potentially might be handy for anyone who gets a bit breathless in a mask. despite the idea not working how I hoped I was still quite happy with the design and wanted to share in case it inspires other people.

I’ve uploaded most of these designs to thingiverse if you want to print your own

And that was the end of my little gas mask binge! Some people have already refined some of my gas mask designs which is really cool to see. Joanne of Joannes Reviews added an E-stim element to the cunt sniffer which is a really cool touch! Check it out here