The Return of the Livestreams!

Apr 19, 2020

Finally, they make a come back! The original code for the shock-stream was written in python. While it worked pretty well it was a pain in the arse to change any features, and don’t get me started on how easily I confuse myself with TKinter! So I figured it was time to rewrite the software. I ended up choosing C# to write it in…I’m not entirely sure why as I’d never used that language before…

But its finally finished. Or more appropriately we have hit V1.0. All the features I wanted for now are complete and the test stream with it was a success!

Rewriting the code was definitely the way to go as it gave me a chance to think about what I’m doing and plan it a bit better. The original python version was very much cobbled together and while it worked, i was never quite sure how or why!

So anyway here is last nights test (it does liven up a bit towards the end) and hopefully will be doing another test today