“It’s like Jigsaw decided not to kill people and instead inflict mild sexual torture on them”

Hello, I’m Gary

Absolutely blessed to have found my way into this little lifestyle, descending deeper into madness with each passing day and loving every damn second of it!

I love Kink and Technology, sometimes I dabble with them individually but more often than not i end up combining the two. This Blog is an outlet for all the goop stuck in my head. It’s mainly kink related but sometimes its just simple tech stuff

I got into Kink many years ago, and was guided by some fantastically naughty people. The showed me that kink isn’t about stereotypes. It’s a tool to help free yourself and show the world who you REALLY are. It’s a way to experience complete freedom. Kink is also about looking after others, making sure that everyone understands that they are valued and have a voice. Kink is ultimately about love and compassion…It just so happens it also has a lot of nakedness and butt smacking

Eternally grateful to every enabler who has crossed my path!