Oculus Quest VR Predicament Bondage Game with Sex Toy Control

I’ve been wanting to do a VR based project for ages but never had access to a headset, that all changed at christmas when someone very generously got me one as a present.

The big part of this project was building the game. I used Unity for this and various YouTube tutorials to learn how to build a simple VR game. The control box uses an Arduino and connects to the oculus quest using Bluetooth. It’s surprisingly simple to do if you use an asset called ‘Arduino Bluetooth plugin’ on the unity asset store. It’s not free but the small cost makes it very easy to communicate with a HC-05 connected to an Arduino.

The Arduino connects to the 12v motor in the doxy using a L298n motor driver. The estim is controlled using some MOC3023 octocouplers, they basically just break or connect the shocking signal before it reaches the electrodes.

I really wanted to go further with this project but I just don’t have the time. I think it would be fun to see a beatsaber type clone that does it’s best to distract you so you fail.

I think that’s about it. I really hope you like it

Elbow Cuffs

I wanted to make an easy cuff for turning a subs limbs into stumps. The main consideration for this design was ease of use and considering it only takes one bolt to apply I think we succeeded!

I have uploaded the STL to thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4459314

I have also uploaded a copy of the Fusion360 .F3D file to my patreon page if anyone wants to resize it to suit their needs 🙂

A remote camera trigger that also shocks

I made a post on twitter about my new camera and someone messaged me mentioning they can’t wait to see how I pervert it. one thing led to another and the shocking camera trigger was born!

The concept is simple, It’s a device that triggers my camera mid shock, with hilarious results!

I do need to say a huge thanks to K for being my guinea pig! Check out the videos of it in action below!

And of course we recorded the pornhub version of the video too 😉

Nipple Vibrators that lock on

This project has been on the back-burner for a loooooong time and I’m so glad to finally get it out of my head. The concept is simple, I wanted to attach some mini vibrators to K’s nipples that she couldn’t take off. Attaching them to her piercings seemed like the best way to do it

And I also filmed a little video about the design of these if you fancy taking a look at the insides

Livestream Shock Test – Vs Mode!

This is the second test of the livestream shock setup. This time we tested the Vs mode which allows people to choose to shock either me or K.

We had an absolute blast doing this! and will definitely be doing more!

The Return of the Livestreams!

Finally, they make a come back! The original code for the shock-stream was written in python. While it worked pretty well it was a pain in the arse to change any features, and don’t get me started on how easily I confuse myself with TKinter! So I figured it was time to rewrite the software. I ended up choosing C# to write it in…I’m not entirely sure why as I’d never used that language before…

But its finally finished. Or more appropriately we have hit V1.0. All the features I wanted for now are complete and the test stream with it was a success!

Rewriting the code was definitely the way to go as it gave me a chance to think about what I’m doing and plan it a bit better. The original python version was very much cobbled together and while it worked, i was never quite sure how or why!

So anyway here is last nights test (it does liven up a bit towards the end) and hopefully will be doing another test today