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1 Hour Punishment

Miss K was extremely naughty and needed to be punished. So I put her in the nipple gag and and let twitter administer some shockingly good punishment. This video is our first that is more of a BDSM scene instead of us just rambling to the camera about a new toy so we have decided to charge for this one to help us keep Deviant Designs going. All normal content will still be free, this includes new toy videos and our vanilla livestreams at the desk. We are charging for this one as it’s not a new toy, the video has boobs, and it’s pretty good value for money (over an hour long!!!)

highly recommend you watch to the end to see the gag drop!



February 25, 2019

The Twitter Lockdown Challenge – We put Twitter in charge of our BDSM scene

February 25, 2019

The Smiler



Facial detection + shocking predicament = funtimes



and a bonus after the smiles video


The FIRE button

Femdom themed 3D audio (Binaural) test

I just can’t help myself, when I see some cool tech my brain goes wild trying to figure out the best way to put my perverted spin on it. Luckily 3D audio tends to go pretty well with kink. The main idea behind us doing something like this was for people who work in office’s or have commutes. You can pop your headphones in and have kink with you where ever you are.


I had to give it a go, and luckily I had a little bit of left over money for the month so invested in some recording gear (justified because it’ll be used in other things too)

As you can probably hear, I am no expert at this stuff. I know I buggered up my levels when recording. However for the first go I’m pretty happy. Looking forwards to having another stab at doing some of these




Nipple Cuffs

Not much I can say about these guys, best to just watch 🙂




If you want to download a set for yourself then you can Here


Fan cuffs – A fun little revenge toy!

Well this little toy all started thanks to this little tweet…



I just couldn’t help myself 🙂


360 degree dungeon scene

Bought myself a gear VR headset and the first thing I did was scour the internet for kinky 360 Videos to watch on it, turns out there just isn’t enough so figured I’d try my hand at making my own. For a first attempt I’m happy, looks pretty cool when watched on a VR headset

I did have them hosted on youtube but they appear to have been deem to risqué I have made these available to purchase in the clips section of the site