Made to watch porn with no escape – Check out our new predicament bondage toy

Decided to overlay the eye tracker onto a porn video I watched, it gives some weird insights πŸ˜›



The Useful Useless Machine

So glad I finally got around to making this one. It’s probably the most pointless toy I’ve ever made but I had to do it.

Putting a camera in the bedroom may have been a mistake

@mistresskrushuk is pulling some #ParanormalActivity level shit! Fuck this for a bag of donuts

I'm sleeping on the sofa!

I do the weird, niche, wonderful interesting fetishes. Find and support me at

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Purchased a Gas Mask hose from recently and was pretty impressed with it so did a little mini review in case anyone else wondered what they are like

Doesn't @mistresskrushuk look amazing here! I didn't want to release her

Premium video - Deviant Designs Playtime - K in the Double Cuff Hogtie

Watch K squirm and be ignored while hogtied

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