Femdom themed 3D audio (Binaural) test

I just can’t help myself, when I see some cool tech my brain goes wild trying to figure out the best way to put my perverted spin on it. Luckily 3D audio tends to go pretty well with kink. The main idea behind us doing something like this was for people who work in office’s or have commutes. You can pop your headphones in and have kink with you where ever you are.


I had to give it a go, and luckily I had a little bit of left over money for the month so invested in some recording gear (justified because it’ll be used in other things too)

As you can probably hear, I am no expert at this stuff. I know I buggered up my levels when recording. However for the first go I’m pretty happy. Looking forwards to having another stab at doing some of these




Nipple Cuffs

Not much I can say about these guys, best to just watch 🙂




If you want to download a set for yourself then you can Here


Harmonica Gag – Didn’t realise I could both love and hate something so much

I have wanted to make a Kazoo gag for absolutely ages. In my head it was going to be hilarious forcing her to make the kazoo noise….However, turns out I had no idea how kazoo’s really worked. I ordered some and then spent around 30 mins trying to make the traditional “kazoo” noise with one, only to realise that I have no idea how kazoo’s worked!

So back to the drawing board. The next best thing I could think of was a harmonica…

And so the harmonica gag was born 🙂 full video posted below


Fan cuffs – A fun little revenge toy!

Well this little toy all started thanks to this little tweet…



I just couldn’t help myself 🙂


A quick prototype of a BDSM stress position toy

This is probably my most unfinished toy but I had to share as it was so much fun.


Locking day collar

For ages now I’ve been searching for a necklace for K. I knew she wanted some jewellery from me and I knew I really wanted it to mean something. But I just couldn’t find the right kind of thing.

There are some really impressive day collars out there. And the eternity collars look AMAZING! I will be picking one of those up one day. But there wasn’t anything that was discreet enough. I really wanted it to look like a sweet boyfriend necklace to vanilla people.

So I started playing around with ideas and this is what I came up with



the heart is split in half and the ends of the chain get locked inside. It’s held together by a security screw that goes in from the back. this way the length of the chain is easily adjustable. Just open the collar and snip a bit off of one end. This was cast in silver so it has a nice shiny look to it. It probably came out a little big on this first attempt but K thinks it’s awesome and enjoys fiddling with it. The design can be made a little smaller though.


I’m probably going to shorten the chain a little so the heart sit’s higher up. But I want to make sure it’s still a nice relaxed fit. As it stands it’s still tight enough that she can’t slip it off over her head which is what I wanted.



I may end up offering these for sale for around £200 if there’s any interest. if you want one please email me at notjoe@deviant-designs.co.uk

Non-touch cuffs connected to Project Applejuice



Non-touch cuffs


Project applejuice



Ashtray cuffs

Perfect for those kinky parties!