Project applejuice



Ashtray cuffs

Perfect for those kinky parties!


The birthday present

And people say romance is dead!!


Falcon Heavy Cunt Clamps

Elon Musk knew exactly what he was designing…he just invented a rocket company to throw people off the scent


Sir Says – Part 2 – This time with the nose

Because it’s more fun if she can’t use her hands


Sir Says

My take on the classic Simon Say’s game. Completely removes any temptation to get distracted


Ipad gag mount

What more can I say other than this is my new favourite way of objectifying her!!!


Custom Electrastim cunt clamp case

Electrastim very kindly decided to support our work and sent along one of there units for us to play with and see what we could come up with. well I decided on a non removable cunt clamp case for it 🙂


Android App – The Toucher

An App version of the toucher


Electric Cuddles – The electrified testicle enclosure

This is an electrified version of the testicle enslosue…I should not of made this!!!