We have merch!

So I made some merch! you can now buy your very own ‘Deviant Designs’ bath mat

If bath mats aren’t your thing, how about this gorgeous shower curtain!

Aftercare pillow?

Kit Bag??

Maybe a notepad for all YOUR Deviant Designs…

Maybe some leggings? everyone loves leggings!

Or just a classic T-Shirt

But we all know how much Miss K loves her scarfs, so how about getting her an early Christmas present

Still not satisfied? well there’s more merch at the following links:


All proceeds go straight back into creating more Deviant Designs 🙂

Tutorial – How to remotely control a Doxy magic wand

Premium Video – Let’s make her cum with the doxy remote control

This is one of the few video’s we charge for to raise money for new projects. In this one we make Miss K cum while strapped to the remote control doxy


The Bean Button – Remote control of a Doxy magic wand

Twitter controlled livestream test

This time with 4 E-stim channels for people to control!

Sneak peak – Gaining full control of a Doxy magic wand

Managed to add some gubbins inside my doxy so I can now choose whether i want it to work using the original electronics or control it myself externally. Now need to build a control box

This has the potential to make livestreams a lot more fun 🙂

DIY 3D printed Bipolar Nipple Electrodes

Twitter Lockdown Challenge pt 2 – Thank you Connecticut

Nipple clamp gag


This little toy turned out to be more effective than I could have possibly imagined. It blew me away by how effective it is



I just love the predicament of holding the gag in without a strap. Plus the fact that I chose a 2.5″ ball to really make her jaw ache is the icing on the cake


Harmonica Gag – Didn’t realise I could both love and hate something so much

I have wanted to make a Kazoo gag for absolutely ages. In my head it was going to be hilarious forcing her to make the kazoo noise….However, turns out I had no idea how kazoo’s really worked. I ordered some and then spent around 30 mins trying to make the traditional “kazoo” noise with one, only to realise that I have no idea how kazoo’s worked!

So back to the drawing board. The next best thing I could think of was a harmonica…

And so the harmonica gag was born 🙂 full video posted below